Don't Say Your Goodbyes To Alexei Ramirez Just Yet

On Wednesday the White Sox announced that they declined the option on Alexei Ramirez's contract for the 2016 season. They were facing a decisions.

Do we pay Alexei Ramirez $10 million in 2016, buy him out for $1 million, or try to work out a new deal that might pay him more in long run, but less annually?

Well, if it's that third option, they can't get there without declining his option first.

The White Sox had to make their decision on Ramirez's option Wednesday. That was the deadline. Declining the decision makes Ramirez a free agent. According to MLB rules, free agents cannot be signed until five days after the World Series ends.

That means if the White Sox are going to work out a new deal with Ramirez -- which I believe the plan is, because logically, it just makes the most sense -- they can't officially announce anything yet.

And that means releases from the team on Wednesday saying the option has been declined, and people immediately thinking that Alexei's time as a White Sox is over.

It might be, but I'm not showing up to the funeral without a body first.


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