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Thoughts On The White Sox And Alex Gordon

As we all know, there's been a pattern to the White Sox offseason so far. From Thursday to Tuesday, nothing happens. You sit around and check Twitter and MLB Trade Rumors, or various message boards, looking for a rumor to surface, but nothing happens.

Then Wednesday comes, and the White Sox make a move. They trade for Brett Lawrie. Then they trade for Todd Frazier. After that, Thursday comes and the cycle starts over again.

Could this Wednesday be similar? Well, Ken Rosenthal did drop this little nugget of information on Tuesday that sent us all into a tizzy.
Sources: #WhiteSox showing interest in Alex Gordon, among others. Gordon appeals for several reasons: Knows division, LHH, defense, makeup. — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) December 22, 2015 Now, I've spent plenty of time here wondering about Justin Upton and Yoenis Cespedes for the White Sox, and kind of ignoring Alex Gordon, even if he's something of a perfect fit for the White Sox. I have reasons for that, wh…

These Are Rick Hahn's Chicago White Sox

Ever since Rick Hahn became general manager and Kenny Williams was bumped up to Commander in Chief or whatever, there have been plenty of questions about who is really in charge of the White Sox roster. It's an annoying question, and one you can tell Rick Hahn is tired of dealing with himself.

The popular narrative is that Kenny Williams is still the person actually calling the shots, and that Hahn is still his underling, which, in title, is true. Supreme Baseball Commander is always a higher title in the front office than general manager, and Rick Hahn has a boss like anybody with the White Sox that isn't named Jerry Reinsdorf.

But I think if we take an actual look at the White Sox roster right now, it becomes a bit more evident that while Hahn may need Kenny's approval to make a move, Hahn's the one making the roster decisions.

What You Need To Know About The Todd Frazier Trade

The White Sox have struck again. A week ago they traded forBrett Lawrie, with that trade seemingly taking two days to complete after initial reports surfaced it was going down.

This latest trade happened much more quickly, and came from no where. Jeff Passan first reported the Sox were close to a deal with the Dodgers that involved Frankie Montas. The minds of Sox fans everywhere were sent into a tizzy with the possibilities.

Then, out of clouds came Todd Frazier and the Cincinnati Reds. Turns out it was a three-team deal, with the White Sox getting the third baseman they wanted, but giving up Montas, Micah Johnson and Trayce Thompson in the process.

So what do we need to know about this deal?

The Value Of Justin Upton Versus A Compensatory Draft Pick

While I'm still not actually convinced the White Sox will make a major free agent signing this winter -- spending big money in the free agent market just isn't their bag -- until we know for a fact that they won't, it's still fun to dream.

And it's fun to debate as well.

What Would Make Todd Frazier Worth It?

On Monday morning Jon Heyman wrote a story on the trade market for Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier, saying it's starting to "heat up."

In his story, Heyman talks about both the White Sox and Indians being interested in Frazier, which doesn't come as a surprise. Both teams were connected to Frazier during the Winter Meetings, with both reportedly feeling that the asking price was too high.

Here's What You Need To Know About The Brett Lawrie Trade

Nearly 24 hours after reports first began surfacing that a White Sox trade for Brett Lawrie was "nearly complete," the Brett Lawrie trade was actually completed. The White Sox announced Wednesday night that they had acquired Lawrie from Oakland for minor league pitchers Zachary Erwin and J.B. Wendelken.

So, what do you need to know about this trade? I'll tell you.

The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo Might Be On Drugs

Remember when you were a kid and you'd come up with preposterous trade scenarios with your friends? The kind of trades that would never happen because they were ludicrous, but you and your friends thought they were brilliant.

Well, The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo totally did that as a child, and he's still doing it now as an adult.

Cafardo wrote a column in the paper coming up with possible trade scenarios for the Boston Red Sox. A baseball team he not only covers, but one whose logo no doubt adorns his bed sheets, pillowcase, onesie pajamas, and the walls of his bedroom painted to mimic The Green Monster.

The White Sox Offseason Just Got Interesting

I did not expect this offseason to be exciting. That's not to say I didn't think the White Sox would do anything, I just didn't expect them to be players for any of the major free agents. That may still be the case.

I definitely thought things would be predictable. They'd possibly make a minor trade to address an issue in the rotation, or in the infield, and make a mid-tier free agent signing or two. This, also, may still be the case.

But what I wasn't expecting were the curveballs.