An Exclusive Look Inside The White Sox Clubhouse Right Now

Wow, this whole Adam LaRoche situation has gone to a new level, as the White Sox have rallied around their new common enemy.

Kenny Williams.


  1. Hey, if your head (as a player) is more worried about LaRoche's son being able to sit on the bench during spring training/season, then do us a favor.....Tell Kenny now so you can be dealt. I don't want distractions for this team, or people who are worried about Non-Baseball-Championship things. Being a Daddy at Work, which is what LaRoche is attempting, isn't gonna happen...especially while he is a subpar player being paid megabucks. IF there are Sox players who feel this cause is bigger than a winning season, then speak up. Your AAA Charlotte ticket is waiting. Adam LaRoche's selfish interests are never to be placed above the Team's greater needs...and he is a fool for injecting his child into public scrutiny over it. James

  2. Kenny Williams poorly mishandled this situation. Not only did he not address it in the off season, but he circumvented his manager and his General Manager to do it. In doing so, he may have laid a huge turd in the 2016 punch bowl. I don't disagree with Kenny, but in the way he chose to address it. My only other question is how much is Uncle Jerry involved in this and why couldn't he, the great negotiator, talk LaRoche off the ledge?


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