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The Official Write Sox Offseason Plan

With the Cubs getting ready to play in the World Series, we White Sox fans need every single damned distraction we can find right now, which is what makes this the perfect time of year for one of my favorite annual events. As much as I love baseball, there's no aspect of it I enjoy more than putting myself in charge of a team. It's why I play fantasy baseball, and it's why I buy OOTP every year. So it isn't a coincidence that I find I prefer the offseason to the season a lot of the time. At least when it comes to roster construction and putting a team together. That's why I love when South Side Sox does its annual Offseason Plan Project . If you aren't familiar with the project, every year the site's readers are encouraged to put together their plan for the White Sox offseason using the same template. You choose which arbitration eligible players you want to tender (or let go), which free agents you want to sign, and which trades you'd make to c

On The End Of Robin Ventura, And The Beginning Of Rick Renteria

It didn't feel as good as I thought it was going to. Maybe it was just the result of spending the last two years waiting for Robin Ventura to be fired that led to the actual end of his tenure just not being able to live up to the expectations. Maybe it was the strange way it all went down, where the team was apparently ready to let him return for another season, but it was Ventura himself who decided he'd had enough.