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I'm Happy The White Sox Won't Trade Chris Sale To The Cubs

Buster Olney meant to write a column about how the Washington Nationals match up as a great trade partner for the White Sox when it comes to Chris Sale. Olney's headline said that due to Washington GM Mike Rizzo's track record when it comes to trade, the Nats could swing a deal for Sale.

What Olney never did was explain what makes Washington a match. All he did was highlight all the trades Rizzo has made that have been good for the Nationals. He never mentions what the White Sox would want from Washington, other than saying the Nats have "a large group of pitching prospects."

That's great, but considering the word is that Rick Hahn is looking for position players, that would seem to go against the whole idea that Washington would be a good fit.

Let's Dive In On This Chris Sale, Dodgers Trade Rumor

I'm dying here. The offseason isn't even two weeks old yet, and I'm in dire need of something to happen.

We have no idea what the White Sox are going to do this winter, and I just need to know. Rebuild or go for it, I can live with either, I just have to know. Ten minutes ago. Seriously, it's driving me insane.

So I'm going to do something that I wouldn't normally do here, just to help me deal with this White Sox anxiety. I'm going to dive in on a trade rumor.

Write Sox Offseason Plan: Rebuilding Edition

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my version of South Side Sox's Offseason Plan Project, and in that plan I went with what I believe the White Sox are going to try to do this winter: not rebuild. While I still remain skeptical of a total overhaul coming our way this winter, I also realize that it does remain a possibility.

I also notice that some members of the local media, and many others of the national media not only think it's very possible, but that it's the correct move to make.

And it might be, in the long run, but I'm just not excited about the idea. In my opinion, the idea of a rebuild is a helluva lot more fun than the actual rebuild itself. It's exciting to think of an infusion of young prospects with limitless possibilities, but the reality of the situation typically involves a lot of players that don't pan out, and a shit ton of bad baseball to watch over a six month stretch.

Still, just because I'm not into the idea of tearing it all down, that d…