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Life In The Slow Lane: Living That Rebuild Life

Rebuilds can last an incredibly long time. In fact, the truth of a rebuild is that there is no guarantee any of it is ever going to work. You can be stuck in one within decades if things don't go the right way.

Which is why patience is of the utmost importance when you're at the helm of such a project. Think of it like sailing a ship across the Atlantic in the early 1900s. It's not so much about getting to the other side of the ocean as quickly as possible as it is just getting there at all, ideally with most of your cargo intact. There are all sorts of pitfalls to avoid along the way, be it icebergs, major storms, or some German U-boat just looking to stir some shit.

Patience is also important for fans, though not for reasons of building the team into the winner you hope it to be, more so for the sake of your own sanity. There's really no way to prepare yourself for it if you aren't a patient person already, but if you're new to this phenomenon, the last few …