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Should The White Sox Go After Matt Wieters?

I'm bored. There's been no real White Sox news in two months, save for the occasional trade rumor that is snuffed out by another report minutes later. I need something to think about, and with spring training so close, this offseason just feels incomplete.

So what do I do when I'm bored? I start thinking about possible things that the White Sox can do. When the Twins DFA'd Byung Ho Park I thought about whether or not the White Sox should claim him. I mean, if you're willing to give Avisail Garcia another season, why not kick the tires on Park? He actually has some ceiling left.

They didn't, though. Park cleared waivers and will start the season in the minors with the Twins.

So then I move on to the next idea, and this one floated in front of my eyes through the Twitter timeline this morning. Ken Rosenthal wrote about Matt Wieters, who is a free agent that remains unsigned, and there really hasn't been a lot of talk about him this winter. With spring t…

No Need To Rush: Save David Robertson For The Trade Deadline

Things have been really quiet on the White Sox front -- and on this White Sox blog -- when it comes to trade rumors as of late. Things started off with such a flourish during the winter meetings when the rebuild finally began, yet now we sit here less than two weeks from spring training beginning, and we're all still waiting for the next step.

Jose Quintana is still here, as is David Robertson. Todd Frazier hasn't gone anywhere, and while it's not even a tiny surprise, Jose Abreu remains as well.

So when a trade rumor -- a new one -- finally bubbles to the surface, it's exciting, and on Monday morning Ken Rosenthal gave us all a glimmer of hope in a column about the Washington Nationals.