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Odds Are Jose Quintana Won't Be Traded To The Cubs

Not everything that makes sense makes sense.

Does that make sense?

Just in case it doesn't, maybe I should explain further. You see, there's been some recent scuttlebutt across town about the White Sox possibly trading Jose Quintana to the Cubs for a boatload of prospects. The theory is that the Cubs have been looking for a starting pitcher with years of control for a while now, and the slow start to the season might accelerate their search for one. The White Sox happen to have one of those available in Jose Quintana.

The White Sox are looking to trade Quintana for prospects to help their rebuilding efforts, and the Cubs certainly have prospects.

So, you see, on the surface it makes sense.

As is usually the case when it comes to trade possibilities between the White Sox and Cubs, the local media is preparing their takes on it. Most of those takes involve the White Sox -- particularly Jerry Reinsdorf -- not wanting to help out the Cubs in any way.

And that makes sense as wel…

Cody Asche Is Off To An Historically Bad Start

Cody Asche is bad.

I know this, and if you're reading this story, you know this as well. Personally, I like to remind myself of how bad Asche has been by checking his Baseball Reference page every day and looking at his numbers.

Take my word for it, there's nothing that makes you feel better about yourself and what you're doing with your life than looking at Cody Asche's 2017 numbers.

I decided to mix things up a bit today, however. Asche's season has been awful so far, but how terrible is it in comparison to White Sox players of the past?

Turns out it's pretty bad!

As I write this Asche has played in 18 games and has 61 plate appearances this season. In that time he's posted an OPS of .359 and an OPS+ of 3. So, after seeing these numbers this morning, I decided to look up how many White Sox hitters in franchise history -- I left out pitchers -- had at least 60 plate appearances in any season with an OPS and OPS+ equal to or worse than Asche's current n…