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Thoughts On The Trade With The Yankees

Like so many White Sox fans I barely paid attention to an exciting 1-0 game with one of the best pitchers in baseball as well as Clayton Kershaw last night. I was too busy following every little update about what wound up being the trade that sent Todd Frazier, David Robertson, and Tommy Kahnle to the Yankees for Blake Rutherford and other dudes.

After the trade was finally announced, my excitement only intensified with the news that Yoan Moncada was finally being called up.

Happy Yoan Moncada Day, by the way.

As for the trade itself, now that I've slept on it and spent a few more hours thinking about it, I suppose my reaction to it is still similar to how I felt last night when it all started breaking.

I'm surprised.

I'm not surprised that Frazier and Robertson were dealt. That's been expected since the winter. I'm surprised that they were packaged together along with Tommy Kahnle in one deal. I'm also surprised by the return the White Sox got.

It just feels …

Zack Burdi's Injury Is A Reminder Of The Importance Of Quantity In A Rebuild

On Friday the White Sox announced that one of their 2016 first-round picks, Zack Burdi, has a UCL tear and is likely going to need Tommy John Surgery.

This sucks for plenty of reasons.

First of all, Burdi -- the No. 10 prospect in the Sox system -- is not only going to miss the rest of this season, but there's a good chance he'll miss 2018 as well. Coming off Tommy John, there won't be any reason for the Sox to try and rush him back for a couple of weeks of minor league ball.

That means the next time we see Burdi on a pitching mound could be spring of 2019.

This is a big blow for Burdi's development, as well as the team's plans for him. Let's not forget that while the team was still deluding itself into believing it was a contender last year there was talk of bringing Burdi up to help out the bullpen last season, just months after being drafted.

The reason for this was because Burdi has big stuff, and a lot of velocity to go with it. He routinely hits trip…

I Wouldn't Expect Jose Quintana To Wind Up In Milwaukee

When I wrote about Jose Quintana's trade market last week, I mentioned the Milwaukee Brewers as a team that might find itself interested in him. They were seldom mentioned when it came to Quintana because nobody expected them to be contenders this season. Like the White Sox, they're supposed to be in the midst of a rebuild, though clearly, they're at a more advanced stage.

Not surprisingly, on Friday Jon Morosi wrote that the Brewers had been doing their due diligence on Quintana and Oakland's Sonny Gray.

Of course, while it was Morosi's report that received the lion's share of the attention, as well as a tweet from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's seemingly confirming Morosi's reporting, there was another tweet from Haudricort that leaves me extremely skeptical of Milwaukee's seriousness when it comes to Quintana.

This one.
Do not expect #Brewers to get silly and trade away all their top prospects, however. Long view still in effect while short v…