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The Hawk Has Been Plucked Of His Feathers

I felt a strange sensation on Sunday afternoon. I tuned into the White Sox game a few minutes before first pitch against the Blue Jays and was greeted by Steve Stone going over lineups and all the usual pre-game fare. But then as he was taking the broadcast to break, he said something that caused my shoulders to sag and a disappointed sigh to pass my lips.

Stone said that the broadcast would be back with Hawk.

That was the moment I first realized that it was a Sunday home game, and that meant Hawk Harrelson would be in the booth instead of Jason Benetti. Now, it says a lot about how much I enjoy Benetti, and how quickly he's ingrained himself as a part of the White Sox broadcast that I was upset to learn he wouldn't be calling the game today. Having said that, while Benetti deserves some of the credit for that, Hawk deserves a significant share as well.

I love Hawk Harrelson. I don't say that as an empty platitude, either. He's the narrator of my baseball life. He'…