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How Would You Like To Invest In Luis Robert's Future?

Sports betting became legal in the state of Illinois in 2020, and in the last week it became a lot easier to place a bet. Originally, if you wanted to start an account at a local book, you had to open the account in person at the book. Only after doing that would you be able to place bets online or on your phone.

Well, you can now open an account online. The pandemic that has robbed us of sports ironically led to making it easier for us to bet on the sports we no longer have.

I opened a BetRivers account online earlier this week, and then began doing what I always do: I looked for odds I could exploit. I found them rather easily too. Once sports betting became legal in Illinois I was interested in seeing what kind of lines and value I could find on Chicago-related odds. It's important to remember that while there are professional gamblers out there who treat it no differently than others treat the stock market, the overwhelming majority of sports bettors are doing it for fun.