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An Existential Crisis

"What the fuck am I doing here?" I'm on vacation from work this week and trying to avoid the internet as much as possible during that time. My morning routine remains mostly unchanged, though, as I wake up, crack open the laptop, do Immaculate Grid and Wordle, and skim to see what I've missed since last connecting myself to the collective hivemind. While doing this, I saw a headline about how Dylan Cease was coveted by the Houston Astros from Jon Heyman. I then looked at Houston's farm system to see if they even had enough to pry Cease away, and that's when I asked myself the question above. What the fuck was I doing? Was I really beginning to look at prospect lists for teams interested in White Sox players? Was I going to pretend to give a fuck about some kid I've never seen play again? I went through it a few years ago when The Great Rebuild began. We all did, and you know what? While some of the games were fun because of the low stakes, and the concept