The Chicago White Sox need to consider bringing Adam Engel back into their lineup. Tuesday night’s game highlighted the team’s current defensive struggles in the outfield, making Engel’s return a potentially beneficial move.

During the game, attention was focused on Eloy Jiménez’s injury and Dylan Cease’s pitching. However, the defensive missteps by Charlie Tilson and Ryan Cordell were glaring. Tilson, who admitted after the game that he might have called for the ball too late, collided with Jiménez. Later, he took a poor angle on a ball hit to center field, which resulted in the ball soaring over his head. Cordell also made a futile dive for a ball he had no chance of catching, adding to the outfield’s woes.

Key Stats Comparison

Adam Engel:

  • PA: 857
  • Slash Line: .207/.262/.316
  • wOBA: .254
  • wRC+: 56
  • Defense: Superior

Charlie Tilson:

  • PA: 280
  • Slash Line: .246/.310/.290
  • wOBA: .268
  • wRC+: 67
  • Defense: Weaker

Ryan Cordell:

  • PA: 218
  • Slash Line: .213/.258/.340
  • wOBA: .256
  • wRC+: 58
  • Defense: Better than Tilson but not as strong as Engel

Given these statistics, Engel emerges as the best defensive option among the three. While all three players have their shortcomings at the plate, Engel’s defensive capabilities could provide much-needed stability in the outfield. The White Sox must prioritize defense to prevent further mishaps and enhance overall team performance.

A Decision Worth Making

The decision to bring back Engel should also consider the roles of Tilson and Cordell. If a choice must be made between the two, Cordell’s slightly better defensive skills might make him a preferable backup, despite Tilson being a left-handed hitter. Ultimately, Engel’s return should be prioritized to fortify the outfield defense.

The current state of the White Sox outfield defense necessitates a reliable and skilled player like Adam Engel. Although his offensive contributions are limited, his defensive expertise could significantly benefit the team. It is time for the White Sox to make a strategic decision and bring Adam Engel back into the lineup.